How to Choose the Right Audio System to Pair with Your Home Theater Projector
August 21, 2023

How to Choose the Right Audio System to Pair with Your Home Theater Projector

Only a few things can bring a family together as fast as a great movie or a TV show in your cozy home theater. In a matter of minutes, you’re the cool parents, and spending the night at home with your family is not as boring for the kids as before.

But to fully enrich your home theater, you’ll need more than a projector: you’ll also need a sound system to pair it with. Most projectors in the market have built-in speakers, but they’re usually small and suitable for smaller rooms.

There are various types of sound systems you can buy, including stereo speakers, sound bars, and surround sound systems. In our opinion, surround sound systems are the best for home theaters, and here are some benefits of having this audio system:

  • The sound is richer, with better bass and more intensified tones
  • It brings movies and games to life, making you feel more immersed
  • Every sound is produced loud and clear, so you won’t miss a thing
  • You get a better experience and feel like you’re in the actual cinema

Buyers’ guide

To help you find the right audio system for your home theater, we’ve compiled a list of key factors you should consider in your quest. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Before you check anything else about your potential new sound system, the first thing you should do is to see if it’s compatible with your projector. You need to compare and match the speakers and projector specifications to fully experience the sound system’s amazing audio.

Sound Quality

After you find compatible models, you should look at the sound quality next, which generally determines the overall watching experience. You shouldn’t look at sound quality just for high volumes; your speakers need to deliver clarity and balance in low volumes and less distortion in high volumes.

You should ensure your potential new sound system can deliver crisp and clear tones with a good balance of treble, bass, mid-range, lows, and highs. In addition, to get the best room-filling audio, it’s desirable to have a wide frequency response.


Another crucial factor that can determine the overall volume output is power. It would be best if you found speakers powerful enough to deliver amazing room-filling audio yet overwhelming and somewhat unbearable sound with too much power.

Connectivity (Wireless/Wired)

Sound systems can be connected to the projector with or without any wires, but both of these types have their pros and cons. So, you should choose your speakers based on your preference for connectivity.

Wireless speakers can be easily connected to the projector via Bluetooth or WiFi, depending on the projector’s specifications, making them quite easy to use. Wired speakers, on the other hand, require external support, such as connectors, cables, and a power source, to be properly connected to the projector.

Battery Life

If you end up going for a wireless model, you should also check out the speakers’ battery life. It goes without saying that speakers with a better battery life don’t need to be charged that often, giving you more time to experience their rich sounds.


Like with any other purchase, you need to determine how much you are willing to spend on your new speakers. Keep in mind that most of the models in the market are quite affordable, but there are some that cost a pretty buck.

Water Resistance or Weatherproof

If you made your home theater outside, you should find speakers that won’t be affected by the weather or any accidental spill of liquid. For this, you should consider the speakers’ IP rating to know exactly how resistant it is to external elements.


We can’t tell you what sound system you should buy for your home theater, but we can tell you what we’d recommend. In our opinion, the best home theater receiver must be NAD AV Surround Sound Receiver T778, and the best whole home audio system is the Enclave Audio 5.1 Wireless Home Theater EA-1000-THX-US.