What You May Not Know About the New Karbon!
August 21, 2023

What You May Not Know About the New Karbon!

Karbon Vision

Karbon Vision is one of the four in-house brands of KOA Electronics Distribution Inc., a company that, since 2006, has been dedicated to providing its clients with the best residential and commercial custom integrations and home automation equipment. Karbon Vision sits among a host of high-level security brands distributed by KOA E.D.I. and holds its own in their company. 

KOA E.D.I. specializes in the wholesale distribution of numerous products ranging anywhere from their origins in CCTV to Pro A/V, to anything low voltage. Karbon’s newest innovations include all-new cameras that feature new technology and a fresh sleek new design for different housing types. Karbon also revamped their DVRs to accompany these new CCTV cameras. Through the company’s relationship with it’s customers in tandem with extensive market research, company knowledge, and experience in the CCTV/security industry, the company has learned which needs and concerns are of the utmost importance to their clients are, and applied them to the creation of their own brands of CCTV, Cables, Audio, and Pro A/V technologies, including Karbon Vision.

Among the ranks of Karbon Visions’ product range, buyers will find a host of useful, state-of-the-art security items, from DVRs to CCTV cameras, and the following are just a few examples of the high-quality offerings available to KOA customers.


Karbon Vision 16 Channel DVR K-D16CH4K2ST

The K-D16CH4K2ST DVR supports simultaneous input of both IP video and 16-channel WDI analog, along with 8-channel playback. High-profile compression provides excellent quality video at a significantly lower bit rate and saves on both bandwidth and storage. 

The graphic user interface is simple and easy to understand, and recording of surveillance can be set up in various modes, including manual, timed, and motion. Specific events can be easily searched for by time slice, tag, or smart search. With machines built for government, home use, commerce, transportation, and the financial sector, Karbon Vision has something to suit every situation.


Karbon Vision 5MP Turret Full Color Camera 2.8mm K-CTIP5MPFW

The Karbon Vision 5MP turret boasts a ColorVu outdoor analog HD camera with a 2.8mm fixed lens that provides a 94.8° horizontal field of view. The camera’s high-quality, progressive CMOS sensor captures and transmits video at 20fps and a high resolution of 2592 x 1944.

For those extra dark places, the camera comes with an integrated spotlight that will shine up to 65 feet, ensuring that your video is always clear and in full color. True motion detection technology is built-in to ensure a minimum number of false alarms, and aside from on-site alarm output, the system also sends a push notification when movement is detected. 


Karbon Vision 4MP Fixed Bullet IP Camera K-BIP4MPMZW

This camera has an extremely efficient encoding technology that allows it to store and transmit data at excellent compression rates, ensuring that your bandwidth and storage capacity are not overtaxed by the video system. Video can be stored on an SD card, allowing for more local data storage.

Using the latest starlight technology, the Karbon Vision 4MP Fixed Bullet Camera displays excellent quality video in full color, even in adverse lighting conditions, meaning that nothing is ever missed within its range, day or night. 

The housing for this outdoor camera has undergone strict testing, and passed rigorous IP67 quality standards for waterproofing, dust proofing, and vandal proofing, even functioning normally after 30 minutes of water soaking at 1m deep. 


Karbon Vision 4MP ColorVu Fixed Network Camera TIPC4MPW

Karbon’s ColorVu technology uses high-performance sensors and advanced lenses with F1.0 super apertures to provide vivid color throughout the day and night. The large aperture gathers all the light from a dark scene, producing a brighter image of the surroundings. 

A built-in supplemental light will ensure that the camera continues to put out high-quality, full-color imagery, even in the darkest of conditions. This fixed network camera can be equipped with a 2.8, 4, or 6mm lens to suit the needs of each specific buyer. 


Karbon Vision 2MP 1080P Dome Outdoor Fixed Lens 2.8mm TD2MPFW

With a 103.5° field of view, this wide-angle 2.8mm lens provides a broad view over a surveilled area in high resolution at 30fps. H.265 video compression technology ensures minimum use of storage and bandwidth. The IP-based camera has integrated PoE technology, meaning installation is quick and easy with just a single cable. 

The outdoor housing is rated IP67 for water and dust proofing, keeping the valuable camera safe from external pressures, and the camera comes equipped with infrared cut filters and LEDs to provide high-quality night vision enhancement.