Smart Homes Deserve Smart Switches: 10 Reasons Why Netgear PoE Switch is the Way to Go
August 21, 2023

Smart Homes Deserve Smart Switches: 10 Reasons Why Netgear PoE Switch is the Way to Go

Smart Home

Smart homes are no longer a novelty; in fact, with the advent of our efficiency and productivity-oriented society, smart homes are becoming a necessity. Put simply, having everything automated in your home makes your life easier. However, not all devices need to work all the time. 

This is where PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches really shine. These switches combine data transfer and power delivery through a single Ethernet cable. This means that you can power your devices that might be inconveniently located in your home and even control them remotely from your smart device. 

In fact, these switches, such as Netgear PoE switches, are a foundation of a modern, smart-enabled home. In this article, we’ll provide you with ten reasons why every smart home needs a PoE Switch. 

1-Simpler Wiring

PoE switches deliver DC power to low-power devices through an Ethernet cable, thus eliminating the need for additional wiring. Furthermore, this makes the installation process easier and keeps your home more organized by reducing cable clutter. 

2-Costs Savings

Cables are expensive. By reducing the need for separate power supplies and cables, PoE switches actually save money on network installation and maintenance. Furthermore, their built-in power management systems mean that connected devices draw less power while they’re idle, which has a positive impact on your utility bill in the long run. 

3-Flexible Installation

PoE switches provide more flexibility when it comes to device placement, as you’re not constricted by the need for a nearby power outlet. This allows you to place your smart devices where you see fit since most Ethernet cables offer no power or data loss for up to 300 feet. 


PoE switches are actually a scalable solution, as they allow you to add more smart-enabled devices without having to run additional power lines. However, it should be noted that this scalability depends on the switch’s number of ports. 

5-Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another reason to get a PoE switch. As mentioned above, they have built-in power management systems that automatically allocate power based on the connected device’s requirements. This further reduces energy consumption. 

6-Reduce Network Congestion

PoE can help reduce network congestion between smart devices that constantly communicate with one another. By installing a PoE switch, you can provide more bandwidth to specified devices, thus improving your smart home network’s performance. 

7-Network Safety

PoE switches come with many network safety implementations, which are designed to protect connected devices from both unauthorized access and electrical overloads and short circuits. This ensures that one compromised device doesn’t actually compromise the entire network. 

8-Remote Management

There are two basic types of PoE switches: managed and unmanaged. Previously, only managed PoE switches featured remote access, but modern unmanaged switches now allow for remote access as well. 

These features allow you to remotely monitor and manage your entire network and control your smart devices from anywhere using your computer or smartphone. 

9-Future-Proof Your Network

PoE switches are designed to support a wide range of smart devices and standards, which makes them compatible with current smart home technologies. This also includes any technological advancements in the smart home field for the foreseeable future, as long as those devices use a wired connection to communicate. 

10-Enhanced Performance

PoE switches help optimize the network’s performance by prioritizing data traffic, thus providing a smooth and efficient operation of all your connected smart home devices.  


PoE switches are an essential addition to any smart home due to their numerous benefits, such as simplified wiring, cost-efficiency, reliability, and much more. So, if you’re looking to create the ultimate smart home experience, upgrading your network with a PoE switch is a good place to start.