Why You Should Choose KOA Electronics Distribution Inc. Services

Why You Should Choose KOA Electronics Distribution Inc. Services

If you’re an installer or a dealer, you have the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that your clientele is equipped with the best products available to you. You wouldn’t want to be known as the installer who doesn’t meet their clients’ needs. This is your queue to get on board with the industry’s best distributors. Finding the right distribution service can take quite the effort. It’s not enough to like the selection of products, other factors influence your decision-making process. When looking for a distributor, you should always be thinking about trust, reliability, solutions, support, etc. With that in mind, we have found the perfect distribution service for you, KOA Electronics Distribution Inc.

KOA EDI, formerly known as KOA CCTV, has been around since 2006. They established themselves as a CCTV surveillance camera distributor. However, through great business values and a customer-oriented approach, they have grown into one of the best electronics distribution services. KOA EDI supports installers and dealers who work in CCTV, A/V, Networking, smart home, and accessory product markets.

Since KOA EDI been established in 2006, the company has made a dedicated effort to meet its customer’s commercial and residential needs. Thanks to the company’s excellent customer service, they have become one of the most trusted names in the electronics distribution business. In its 15 years of operation, KOA EDI expanded the business to seven different locations in California and one in Nevada. The company will soon be operating a new store in San Diego, California.

Now that you have been introduced to the company, let’s discuss why you should choose KOA Electronics Distribution Inc as your electronic supplier.

High-Quality, Affordable Products

At KOA EDI, you will find a wide selection of the most trusted brands in the electronics industry such as Hikvsion, Ubiquiti, Ring, URC, Denon, and much more. They also have an in-house brand known as Karbon which includes cables, racks, cameras, power supplies, etc. Whatever electronic products you are looking for, you can find them at KOA EDI. The company believes in providing its clientele with the best options to choose from along with expert solutions. As an installer, you can rely on the quality of the products offered by KOA EDI at an affordable price.

Customer-Oriented Service

KOA EDI is focused on a business model that incorporates customer satisfaction while supporting your business’s success. The company prioritizes customer support over generating revenue. KOA EDI has a well-informed, friendly sales team ready to assist with any issues you’re dealing with. Not only that, but the sales team provides in-depth information for your target audience to make the perfect tech choices. KOA EDI believes in cultivating partnerships with its clientele. The company runs promotions and specials weekly. KOA EDI cherishes its customers and appreciates their loyalty.

Excellent Support with Unlimited Options

Since 2006, KOA EDI has been growing exponentially. Not only this, but they have also digitalized their services by creating an easy-to-access online store that allows you to order at any time of the day. The company also provides excellent tech support options to best assist you.

This is Why You Should Choose KOA EDI

Over the years, KOA EDI has built strong relationships with its customers and has worked tirelessly to earn client trust and appreciation. KOA EDI takes pride in putting its customers first and aims at exceeding client expectations. If you are looking for a wholesale electronics distribution service, KOA EDI is your best option. For more information, check out their website here: https://koacctv.com  and follow them on social media.







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