Security of Your House during Holiday Season

Security of Your House during Holiday Season

Holiday Season is rapidly approaching, and many families leave their homes for vacation.  As a result, the empty house or apartment is a tempting target for burglars. House security becomes a serious problem for non-careful people. Of course, we don’t mean that leaving Your house you should think that something bad will happen, just having peace of mind that your property is securely protected, ensures best holidays. So, let us make some efforts to make it hard for criminals to get in. As the famous saying goes Better safe than sorry. Your house should not have an empty look. Full mailbox, house lost in complete darkness, yard full of snow with no footprints on it, some weird sign “We are away” are simple invitations to Your house.

Step #1 Full Mailbox

Cancel all deliveries, including daily mail. Sometimes it can take time, so it will be great to think about it beforehand.

Step#2 The house shouldn’t look empty

Arrange for someone to clean the snow in your yard or mow the lawn. If you have a trusted neighbor, give him a spare key, so that he could occasionally check into your house, and don’t forget to do the same for him.

Step #3 Don’t make daily updates in Facebook, Instagram etc.

Don’t advertise Your vacation, and keep the tempting photos from the beach for the time you’ve been back. Then you can upload them and enjoy the reactions!

Step # 4 Check the locks One of the most important steps to undertake for house security is checking the locks of windows and doors, even the garage, no matter it’s empty or not.

Step # 5 Valuables

Don’t keep valuables at home, even if you’ve decided to do so, keep them in a well hidden safe within the house.

Step #6 Consider Having a Security System

Surely, there is no better option to secure your property while you are away on vacation than a home alarm system. Nowadays, the security system professionals offer affordable and cost effective security solutions for any budget. Very often all you need is a system with a control panel, motion sensors, door and window sensors, glass break sensors and generally, you will be given an opportunity to monitor your house through your mobile phone. In this case, You can leave the snow in the yard, and mail in the mailbox. Why?  Because if an intruder dares to enter a house which is protected with security cameras and alarm system, all you will need is to push an alarm button.

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