New Brand Lines at KOA and Much More In The Year 2020!

New Brand Lines at KOA and Much More In The Year 2020!

KOA CCTV has added new brand lines and has grown extensively in 2020. Since it’s the end of the year, we will cover some of the KOACCTV’s 2020 highlights.

ELAN, Pedestal Pro, Adept Audio, AV Costar, Vigitron – these brands are now part of the KOA lines.

Whether you are looking for CCTV or A/V products, KOA has got your back. We, as a company, are very attentive to the customers’ needs and strive to satisfy all of their commercial/residential technological needs by offering the best price and the best service.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the new brands that we carry. We will provide you with some helpful information as far as what you can buy from KOA to make your home smarter, thus safer.

New Brand Line  at KOA-ELAN By Nortek Security & Control LLC

In March 2020, we welcomed ELAN by Nortek Security & Control LLC. ELAN develops a line of whole-house entertainment and control solutions. ELAN has distribution throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide.

As one of the ELAN distributors, KOA has been stocking heavily and selling successfully the ELAN Bundle. ELAN SC-100 System Controller is available for order by itself or as a bundled solution with the ELAN HR10 handheld remote that you can find either on our website or on the shelves of the KOA branches. By getting the ELAN bundle, you have all your needs met as far as improving your media experience and control in a single room. Our team has been trained and certified in ELAN products and is ready to answer your questions on how the product works.

Great Addition to our Speaker Line -Adept Audio

KOA has also welcomed one of the great looking, great sounding speaker lines to its assortment of speaker brands. Adept Audio offers architectural speakers that sound great and are easy to install, and more importantly at an affordable price. Make sure you benefit from the Adept Audio December Discount and get your favorite speakers at a discounted price. You can find all of the Adept Audio products by clicking this link.

From a CCTV standpoint, we are happy to announce our partnership with AV Costar. Founded in 2003, AV Costar has been the leading manufacturer of network cameras and megapixel surveillance cameras and it offers a large selection of megapixel IP cameras. All the top-selling IP cameras by AV Costar can be found on the KOA website.

We also suggest checking out our new brand, Pedestal Pro, in case you are looking to buy perfect mounting solutions for your device. Pedestal Pro specializes in providing total mounting solutions for access control and security video devices for every application! Get the best custom-designed mounts in the industry for the best experience.

In this blog post, we just covered just a little of what we have done so far in the year 2020 and we are hoping to expand more in the upcoming year. KOA family wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and invite you to shop online for the new brands.

Best of luck!

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