Hanwha Techwin – Global Supplier of Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Hanwha Techwin – Global Supplier of Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Wisenet A Series – Line of Video Cameras and NVRs

Hanwha Techwin has recently announced the release of its new Wisenet A Series line of video cameras and NVRs. Hanwha Techwin offers the best in security cameras, recording solutions, and software, so that you can spend your time and energy on what matters most to you, while maintaining your safety and peace of mind. 


We at KOA Electronics Distribution Inc. are proud to be able to supply this new, high-quality surveillance solution to our valued clients, directly from our website.


Hanwha Techwin Wisenet A Series


The Wisenet A Series offers a range of intelligent video solutions that are both NDAA and FCC compliant. These security systems offer all the vital functions and conveniences expected of a contemporary surveillance solution, but at an affordable price. This makes it the perfect option for smaller businesses and locations, rather than just large corporations. 


Unlike many security setups, the Wisenet A Series is not only affordable, but also high quality, durable, and convenient to use. By paying Hanwha Techwin’s unassuming prices, you will not be sacrificing anything in the way of value and excellence. 


What Makes Hanwha Techwin Stand Out?


Hanwha Techwin offers a formidable, sophisticated product at a lower price than many other suppliers, which is a great start, but their success doesn’t only come from their high-power security solutions. The company is known for its solid relationships with system integrators, and their willingness to listen to advice and requests. 


As a result, Hanwha Techwin security solutions are built and improved with the advice of security professionals who use the products. This means that they are relevant to the current market and the company’s customer base, and that the trust and loyalty that are the core values of Hanwha Techwin are extended to everyone included in their world-wide family.


To ensure that their technology does the job it is made for – keeping you, your family, your home, or your business safe – Hanwha Techwin are extremely vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. Knowing how the cyber world is changing and what new threats are arising is essential to keeping a security product up to date, and this is one of the most important issues that Hanwha Techwin does everything they can to stay on top of. 


What Concerns Are Addressed by the New A Series?


Hanwha Techwin is a company that concerns itself with providing the highest possible level of safety and security to its clients. They believe that a security solution should be scalable, configurable, and built to suit a range of circumstances. These concerns are addressed by the affordable prices, as well as the many configurations and abilities of the A Series security solutions


What Does the New A Series Offer?




Wisenet A Series cameras are built to provide the most accurate imaging possible, with convenient form factors, 4MP and 2MP resolutions, excellent compression rates, and high quality lenses. The following specifications make these the perfect cameras for any situation:


  • WiseStream II + H.265 compression offers efficient data transmission and saves up to 75% in storage requirements. 
  • Lens Distortion Correction technology ensures that a wide-angle lens doesn’t create a distorted image.
  • Intelligent Video Analytics offers real-time alerts when any unexpected activity is detected, increasing situational awareness.
  • 120dB True WDR backlight compensation adjusts difficult lighting situations so that the entire image is clear. 
  • 30fps, H.265 codec ensures uninterrupted transmission of video, using the H.265 compression technology.
  • Hallway View 270° Rotation means that you can angle your camera to suit any scene, including narrow passageways. Adjust your field of view to 90°, 180°, or 270° to suit your unique needs.




The Wisenet A Series NVR solutions come in 4, 8, or 16 channel options, and support resolutions of up to 8MP. They offer 4k resolution output for a perfect image on your screen, and leverage Hanwha’s improved installation wizard for easy setup. 


Accessibility is easier than ever with P2P connections, allowing operators to access the NVR from Wisenet Viewer CMS on a Windows PC or a Mac running MacOS, or the Wisenet Mobile Application on an Android or iOS device. 


Choose Hanwha Techwin security solutions for the best in video cameras and NVRs that you could ask for. These offerings are perfectly at home in our stable of high quality, best-in-class surveillance systems, and we are honored to be able to offer them to you. 

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