Google Home is the best thing to buy for your home!

Google Home is the best thing to buy for your home!

Look outside your window… It’s 21st century there. The era of new technologies and new opportunities. It is everywhere. New technologies have significantly changed the world we live in. There is no single aspect of life, where information technologies haven’t penetrated yet. Of course, household technologies do not stand aside. In general security systems and especially CCTV systems are one of the best representatives of Information technologies, so it is very natural to see new devices with all latest features produced from year to year in this particular field. One of the giants in information technologies has created one of the best devices you can find in the market right now. I am talking about Google Home Voice Activated Speaker.


Let’s talk about what is this Google Home Voice Activated Speaker.

With its own Wi-Fi connectivity, embedded voice recognition system, and home automation support, the Google Home Voice Activated Wireless Speaker will connect to your wireless network to provide you with total control over all of your smart devices. Isn’t it cool? It plays music, checks the weather, can tell you about traffic, help you to note miss latest sports events, Google Home can control your smart home equipment and so much more. It uses far-field voice recognition technology and has the Google Assistant installed. With the built-in microphone, Google Home recognizes your voice and perform the requested task in an instant. You have all 3 ways to control your Google Home

  1. By voice
  2. With the Google Home app,
  3. By using the touch surface on top of the unit.

So why do you need Google Home Voice Activated Speaker?

Turn on my jam Google!

With only a few words Google Home will play any music, podcasts, or radio you want from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and TuneIn.

Tell me please Google

Thanks to Google’s history in search, the Google Home is ready for your questions. Get real-time answers, including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, sports, local businesses, and more.

Your personal assistant Google

If you want, Google Home will learn about you and get personal. It can retrieve your flight information, set alarms, and timers, and tell you about the traffic on your way to work.

Control other devices with Google

The Google Home connects with smart devices like Chromecast, Nest, and Philips Hue, so you can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights.

Google will understand you from far

Far-field microphones and natural language processing help ensure that the Google Home hears you reliably.

Google is never too much

Multiple Google Home devices can be grouped together to enjoy the same content in every room.

Touch Google, but gently

The top touch surface gives you total control, and a mute button lets you put the Google Home’s microphones on standby. Tap the top surface once to pause or stop audio, timers, alarms, and responses. Swipe clockwise to turn the volume up or counterclockwise to turn it down. Long-press the touch panel to trigger the Google Assistant. Press the mute button on the back to keep the Google Assistant from being triggered, even if you say ”Ok Google”.

Google as a part of your home

With bases separately available in seven colors, you can make the Google Home Voice Activated Speaker fit with nearly any space and décor. Just twist and pull off the one you don’t want to replace it with the base of your chosen color.

Close your ears Google!

You have total control over when you want Google Home to respond to your voice commands. Its light states tell you the status of your device when you say, ”Ok Google”.

  • No Lights: Waiting to hear the ”Ok Google” hotword.
  • Dots Animate: Listening for your request and ready to help.
  • Four Red Dots: Voice control is deactivated.

Google for all your family

Up to six people can connect their account to one Google Home, so when you ask your Google Assistant for help, it can distinguish your voice from that of other family members, so you can hear your own personal playlists, commute times, schedule, and more.

Be ready to offer the best to your clients!

Any company selling or installing home technologies, CCTV systems, home audio or video systems or any other devices want to get Google’s Home Voice Activated Speaker. You may guess the reason, high demand from their clients. Google, a company which doesn’t leave any place for doubting in their product has created one Device to rule them all. If You want to learn more details about the product just click here.   Dear reader, our blog is not amateur. We have many years of experience in the field and our posts can be considered as professional consultation. If you are interested in articles like this, if you want to learn more about Security Cameras or maybe you even have business in this field, that means you clicked on a right link. We will systematically write about different topics from this field, we will share our own knowledge and stories. Follow us, go through our website and if you have any suggestions or questions or if you have your own story to share, we will be happy to hear it!

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