Smart Security with Alula! – Anaheim

Smart Security with Alula! – Anaheim

  • Counter Day
  • Date - Wed, Aug 31 2022
  • Time: 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
  • Orginizer - Alula

What's Happening?:

Haven't you heard? Alula is coming to KOA for a series of counter days!

Smart Security is HOT right now in the custom integration channel.  The demand for quick and easy has been steadily increasing not only for customers but also for integrators! If you're unfamiliar with Alula, they offer smart security solutions for the residential vertical.

If you can achieve the same professionalism, and install faster and easier why wouldn't you? Time is money and you can save both with Alula!

If your clients prioritize:

Easy customer interface

Modern Design

5G-Ready Celluar 

Then you may want to come to the counter day as see what Alula can offer you as an integrator.

Come to the counter day to learn about their smart security solutions! They will have products available on display, you can interface with the product and see for yourself if that is the solution for you! AND if you decide you like it, Alula is running a promotion on select products for the month of August, so if you're going to buy it, the time is now!


Founded in 2017, Alula was formed when two leading technology providers – IPDatatel and Resolution Products – joined forces. Alula’s award-winning products and services are uniquely designed to be easy to learn, fast to install and simple to operate. From our wireless security and automation system to our universal alarm panel communicator; and from our interactive mobile app to our robust dealer portal, complete with remote system diagnostics, dynamic app configuration and system usage reports, Alula’s solutions cover a broad range of applications and deliver a consistent system management experience. Our technology-rich solutions enable dealers and integrators to cover a broad range of applications, from basic security packages to premium installations equipped with video and automation. We take pride in helping our dealer-partners look good with services and materials that put their brand front and center.

2340 Energy Park Drive Suite 100 St. Paul, MN 55108
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