🎊Grand Opening Event 🎉 at San Diego! 🌊

🎊Grand Opening Event 🎉 at San Diego! 🌊
KOA Electronic Distribution Inc.

Event Details


🎊Grand Opening Event 🎉 at San Diego! 🌊

What's Happening?

We're hosting a Grand Opening Event with some of your favorite vendors! The event will be held at our San Diego branch on October 1st, 2021, from 12 PM-6 PM but just so you know what to expect...

What to Expect:

Displays, Demos & Mini-trainings: The vendors are bringing their absolute a-game for you. There will be LIVE demos AND all kinds of intricate displays. Not only that, but this is also your chance to really get to know the products for what they are. Company reps will be there to gladly walk you through the specs, features, and how-tos of their products available in our stores. There really is no better information about the products than from the vendors themselves.

Free Stuff 🎁: There will be raffles, giveaways, and other kinds of prizes at the event but you can only participate if you go to the event! This may go without saying, but free product? There should be no hesitation because really all you have to do is show up!

Promotions & Flashsales⚡: In the event that you don't win the raffle, no worries because you can still save some money on your favorite brands in the industry. Technology adds up, but we're all working together to bring you some promotions that will be worth your while for the Grand Opening event. It would be smart to not let a good price go to waste!

FREE FOOD🥡: Hospitality is a MUST for us at KOA and to make your trip just a little bit more worth it, we're providing free food at the Grand Opening event! Lunch will be at 1 PM so if you want to eat, we got you!

  Be sure to RSVP for the event via the link/button on the page! We're so excited to have you and we cannot WAIT to see you there! Don't miss out!