Customer Appreciation Day! – December 9th

Customer Appreciation Day! – December 9th

What's Happening?:

We're throwing you a party!

Please join us for KOA's Annual Customer Appreciation Day! Your support means the world to us at KOA, and we appreciate each and every one of our customers. To show our appreciation, we're putting together an event in honor of you! We invited several of your favorite vendors to participate in this event! Not only will there be product displays and demos, but there will be a RAFFLE where you can try your luck at the Grand Prize! There will also be event day promos for you to take advantage of and there will be little freebies for you to take home! No celebration is complete without a banquet! We'll also be serving a tasty BBQ lunch for all to enjoy! We're excited to celebrate you, so please join us as you are our honored guest! Can't wait to see you there! Details: The celebration will take place on December 9th from 11:00 AM  - 5:00 PM at our North Hollywood location! 7306 Coldwater Canyon Ave.  North Hollywood, CA 91605    
KOA Electronic Distribution Inc.

The process KOA E.D.I. uses for selecting manufacturers allows us to offer you some of the most-trusted product names in the industry. The result has allowed KOA E.D.I. to propel its customers to a higher level of competitiveness and proven profitability. With our extensive mature product range and up front pricing with no games or gimmicks, KOA E.D.I. enables clients to meet their needs regardless of budgetary concerns. Our brand is a promise and our commitment to you. With 4 branches all around California, we are able to supply our products wherever you are in the United-States, Canada or South-America. KOA E.D.I. has provided superior service to their customers for over 10 years. Sales and Product Management Team members have extensive experience in designing reliable solutions. Our National Sales Team provides courteous and knowledgeable representatives that are available to assist you. KOA E.D.I. also offers a 24/7 access for online ordering. KOA E.D.I. is focused on finding solutions to help their customers grow their business. When you analyze all the benefits of creating a partnership with KOA E.D.I., we are hands down your best CCTV wholesale distributor. We want to earn your business and work hard every day to exceed your expectations.

7306 Coldwater Canyon Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91605
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