It’s Faster, Stronger and More Secure

It’s Faster, Stronger and More Secure

NHD Reaching New Heights

With the recent advances in technology, spurred on by the pandemic and the need for bigger, better, and faster communications solutions, we expect to see a high number of exciting new innovations being released onto the market on a regular basis. However, every now and then, one of these new technologies will stand out above the rest, an immediately obvious leader in its field. That is exactly the case with Wyrestorm’s new AV over IP solution, the NHD-500-TX & RX 4K60 encoder and decoder.

Wyrestorm’s JPEG2000 AV over IP system

Wyrestorm’s JPEG2000 AV over IP system is already known as an industry leader, and with the launch of the versatile NHD-500, this recognition can only increase. A more flexible and significantly upgraded next-generation replacement to the NHD-400 series, this new addition to the family is designed to be more powerful, faster, and significantly more secure than its predecessor. With a huge step forward in technological advancement, the NHD-500 series shows vast improvements in connectivity and functionality, as well as security.


With a number of new, more advanced connectivity options, including HDMI 2.0, as well as fiber and Ethernet outputs, the NHD-500 series is able to encode up to 4K60 4:4:4 at 8bit over a 1Gbps network, delivering the highest AV signal possible on this existing framework. View content from HLG, HDR10, and Dolby Vision in perfect definition.


The NHD-500 encodes at extremely low latency, and the matrix switching speeds are unparalleled. Video walls 16 tiles high by 16 tiles wide, or 256 screens, can be created for appealing large-scale video output. USB 2.0 support means that peripheral devices can easily be connected in order to increase the input and output capabilities, including touchscreens, cameras, and USB storage drives. In short, there is no high-end collaboration environment that would not benefit greatly from the inclusion of this AV over IP system.


Installation of the new system is a far cry from the complexities of configuring the 400 series. OM3 fiber cabling can be used for distances of up to 300 meters, as well as Ethernet connectivity for anything over that. Control signals, along with media and content, can be securely directed to any endpoint via the 500 series’ potent routing engine.


New, upgraded security procedures have been implemented in the NHD-500 TX & RX, including end-to-end encryption, HTTPS, SSH, and TLS, making it perfect for any market, even including government and the military. Other uses for the NHD-500 series would include corporate, educational, and hospitality applications, and even homes and residences would benefit from the technology.


As if all of this doesn’t already sound too good to be true, Wyrestorm have released another unbeatable solution that will change the way AV over IP operations function, making the entire system easier to install, easier to control, and easier to manage. The new NHD-CTL-PRO offers smooth operation of the NHD-500 series, giving users an entirely new experience.


Control the entire NHD-500 series with just a few taps of a button from the Pro Controller’s user friendly and inclusive web interface. The setup environment offers new and improved tools and a sleek and modern user interface. System configuration and control become a thing of ease, saving installers and users time and money, and boosting production.


The NHD-CTL-PRO offers a wholly-integrated software environment that allows the entire system to be centrally configured and controlled from any smart device, including those using Android and Apple operating systems. Combining the Pro Controller with the NHD-500 series creates a fast, modern, and upgraded solution for AV over IP requirements that will set the stage for next-gen technologies for years to come.

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