Interesting CCTV facts

CCTV cameras are almost everywhere, we meet them at shops, universities, in the streets, even at the ATMs, so it would be great to know some interesting CCTV facts about the devices which surround us in our everyday life. Here are some useful and interesting CCTV facts right below!Interesting CCTV facts1)  The first CCTV camera installation was in Germany for observing the launch...
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All you need to know about CCTV -Terms and Definitions!

CCTV terms are a must-know for every professional in this field, so we decided to gather all possible information in one article for all, who may be interested in the topic. A AC Adaptor Ac Adaptor is also called a power supply. All CCTV devices need power for working. Each device has its own power requirements (usually 12 volts with...
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