Advantages of Intercom Systems

Advantages of Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a special a two-way communication device for transmitting and receiving audio or audio/video data. Intercoms can be wireless, wired, Video Intercoms, Apartment Intercoms, Gate Intercoms etc. Having an intercom system at your house or office is no more a luxury, but a necessity, as it acts as a crime deterrent. Nowadays intercoms became essential part of security measures. They serve for both security and convenience purposes. Intercoms are widely in use at houses, offices, hospitals, schools, airports etc.

N1 Security

The main benefit of intercom systems is the increase of security level. The ability to know, and very often to see (In case of video intercoms) who stands at front of the door before opening it gives the property owner peace of mind, that intruders will mainly escape their area.  By the way, intercom is an extra layer of security, which increases the price of the property. This is usually essential while dealing with insurance fees. They’re great especially for baby monitoring both for houses and childcare centers, where permanent communication between rooms is very important.

N2 Unwanted Visitors

An Intercom System will save your time, and free you from opening the door to various salesmen, promoters, strangers etc. You can just politely ask them leave using a two-way audio intercom, even if you are at a far end of the house. Intercom systems with integrated door locks are a great help especially for businesses, when it is essential to know, who enters your property area, and the opening of the door needs monitoring.

N3 Comfort

This works especially for big houses or business areas when for communicating someone you don’t need to take your phone and call, but just a push a button and speak. This is especially essential for large houses, many kids, elderly people, and people with a disability. We all need more and more time for ourselves every day, and the development of home automation gives us the opportunity not to waste our precious time on running to the door every time the bell rings or checking on the children every 10 minutes.

N4 Constant Development and Upgrade

Intercom technologies keep developing all the time, to meet the needs of a consumer. There are intercoms with integrated door locks and card key systems, wireless ones, linked to smartphones.  The newest ones are enhanced with security cameras, touch screens, control of audio systems, lights, curtains, room temperature, etc.

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