7 Tips for Protecting Home Automation System from Hackers

7 Tips for Protecting Home Automation System from Hackers

There is no need to discuss how useful home automation systems can be, as, beyond any doubt, they make our life easier, safer and incredibly convenient.

Due to smart home automation systems, homeowners can manage all home devices from one place, thus also maximizing home security level. Automatically lock and unlock doors, turn on and off the lights being in another place, make a video feed of your home available on your mobile phone, and even include thermostat control.  Anyhow, many systems are also vulnerable to home automation hackers. They are very often able to break in to change settings, access video feed, what is more dangerous, unlock doors of the house or garage so that they can easily access your home. If homeowners just follow these simple rules, their home automation systems will be more protected against hackers attempts to take control over their property.

1-Set password:

Always, in any case, set a password. Use strong passwords, weak passwords are easy to guess. The best choice is strong passwords with numbers, letters, and characters.  Also, avoid using real words or names.

2-Change your password regularly:

Even if hackers have already revealed Your password, regular change can save the situation.

3-Secure Your router:

In case the router is secure, it makes all the connected devices strongly protected. It would be excellent if homeowners chose routers which have strong security features. Also, make sure you change the default password to a new, stronger one while installation.

4-Choose reputable brand:

It is always tempting to order some cheap system from an unknown brand, but you should always have in mind that this can cost a lot more, than a trusted product from a well-known brand. They will also give more practical instructions against home automation hackers.

5-Consider having a separate network for your home automation system:

It is a good idea to create multiple access points on the router for two different networks.  One will serve for your computer and mobile devices, and the second will be used for your home automation system. So, even if a hacker reveals your network password from your mobile or laptop, they still wont be able to access your home automation system.

6-Check the camera logs:

Many security cameras give access to users to the history of which IP addresses have access to the camera feed. Checking the camera logs regularly will help to make sure no one has accessed your home surveillance system. If you notice any suspicious behavior, immediately change your password and contact your security provider.

7-Dont use public Wi-Fi

Using home automation applications on public Wi-Fi can easily give access to hackers. Turn off the Wi-Fi and use secure mobile data instead before using a home automation application. Using an encrypted mobile website if your system offers that feature is also a good idea.

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