Post COVID-19: The New Wave of Corporate Technology

Post COVID-19: The New Wave of Corporate Technology

Recently, methods of communication all over the globe have changed dramatically.

Covid-19 has caused all sectors to reconfigure their common ways of interacting with people. Whether it be in the corporate world, education, hospitality, or government, groups of people have had to find new ways to meet and interact, for the safety and health of all.

4K camera - Feature Vx20 Smart Camera
4K camera – Feature Vx20 Smart Camera

What this change has created is a drive towards the invention of all kinds of innovative technologies for remote conferencing. One such tool is the Apollo VX20 Video Bar, which offers an unparalleled, all-in-one solution to the problem of complicated and low-quality video conferencing platforms.

Apollo VX20

With a good fiber connection, the VX20, and a select few Apollo accessories, video conferencing becomes a thing of ease and flow. With one-press sharing, linkable mics, presenter tracking, and acoustic echo cancellation, the VX20 can handle groups of up to 10 people, allowing every voice to be heard from up to 16 feet from each microphone.

Speakerphone - Vx20
Speakerphone – Vx20

Use the VX20 video bar for holding corporate meetings, improving branch communications, keeping remote workers in the loop, and enhancing communications between international branches. All your remote workers need is a good fiber connection, and they will receive such high quality audio and video that they will barely know they are not in the room.


Lecture halls and classrooms can benefit from the VX20, which will ensure that foreign students, learners who are homesick, or teachers from other institutions all receive the necessary information with clean and clear audio and video. The hospitality industry can benefit from this device and its accessories in conference rooms and wedding venues, as well as for staff training from outside sources.

Airplay Miracast
Airplay Miracast

For remote conferences and meetings that will make you forget that everyone is not in the same room together, choose the Apollo VX20 video bar and its accessories. Enjoy a smooth, simple video conferencing solution that will change the way you interact with people.


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